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Turk Guru is an extension that helps in increasing earnings and efficiency of Amazon Mechanical Turk workers so that a worker can spend more time completing tasks(viz. H.I.T.) by automating the process of accepting tasks based on previously liked tasks(using Machine Learning) and using other preferences like favorite keywords, favorite requesters, requester wage rate and much more.


Word on the internet

I don't mturk with any other extension. This is it!

Ever since i started using this extension i have more than tripled what i used to make. Definitely worth the 10 bucks a month.

Great extension. Once you get your settings dialed in, you just sit back and complete your HITs and let the extension do the searching. Definitely increased my income in the first couple of days. This extension pays for itself in less than a week.



Phone Number: +91-7566675092

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