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How Turk Guru works?

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Turk Guru searches for new tasks(viz. HITs) every n second, where n is the number you decide beforehand. Then in each search, a series of filters filter out these newly found HITs, so you get to work on HITs of your choice. The new HITs that pass through all the filters are eligible for HIT catching. Turk Guru after filtering, send requests to mturk for automatically accepting the eligible HITs. The HITs that get caught in each search are opened in a new tab automatically(optional). Turk Guru offers a variety of filters that are listed below:

  1. Minimum Reward filter:- Filters out HITs that have a reward less than what you are looking to work on.

  2. Blocked requesters filter:- HITs that pass through the minimum reward filter pass through this filter to filter out the HITs from requesters that are in the user's blocked requester's list.

  3. HIT group filter:- The purpose of this filter is to limit the number of HITs caught from a given HIT group. This filter is applied only for HITs that passed the minimum reward and blocked requesters filter mentioned above. Turk Guru, by default, tries to accept one HIT from each HIT group. Users can override this default behavior to get more than one HIT from a particular requester's HIT group.

  4. HIT acceptance mode filter:- Turk Guru offers different modes that alter the filters used after HITs pass through the above three filters. Each mode has something different to offer like the category-based mode accepts HITs if HIT is of a particular type e.g. survey, transcription, etc. To know more about the different modes available, kindly read this blog post.

  5. Requester type filters(optional):- The HITs that pass through the above four filters can be further filtered out using the requester's minimum wage rate, minimum approval rate, maximum approval time, minimum activity level i.e. how frequently a requester posts on mturk.

Turk Guru then sends catch requests to mturk for HITs that passed through all the filters mentioned above. All this filtering after each search happens in a matter of milliseconds, and this is what makes Turk Guru tremendous, as it significantly increases your chances to catch HITs as searching and filtering manually takes way more time than a computer. This also increases your efficiency as you remain focused on the task at hand and all the searching happens in the background. Also, doing the searching is not what we are paid for on mturk so it makes sense that we should invest our time in what's important to us as workers, completing the tasks. To install Turk Guru visit this link. For any queries related to the mturk extension or scripts, you can write to us at

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