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              Release Notes

Version 2.0.7 (09-14-2021)


Improvements: In this update, we have made improvements on decreasing page request errors when the setting "Prevent rate limit errors" is checked under optimization settings of the Turk Guru console. If it is already checked you may get fewer HITs because this setting gives more importance to reducing page request errors. To get an experience like previous versions uncheck and save the setting mentioned above.

Version 1.9.9 (06-23-2021)

Bugfix: In this update, a bug that prevented the wage rate to update while working on a task that was opened from the drawer is removed.

Version 1.9.5 (05-30-2021)


Improved wage rate calculations: In this update, we have improved the calculation of wage rates for HITs you work on. You can see the wage rate of the HIT you are currently working in the drawer. This was done in an attempt to improve the filtration of HITs using the requester's wage rates.

Bugfix attempt: In this update, we have tried to fix a bug that caught multiple HITs from the same HIT group. To fix this Turk Guru will wait for a response from mturk before making any new catch request for a given HIT group. This will also reduce the number of requests made to mturk which should also help in reducing PRE's. We don't have any data on this but this update can also affect HIT catching efficiency because of fewer requests made to mturk for catching HITs. Give us feedback on this update at

Version 1.9.3 (01-24-2021)


Increased Security: Accessing the Customer Portal by default will require users to create a new Turk Guru password when trying to access it for the first time. Users can enable passwords on extension installation from the Turk Guru console's Security Settings card. Passwords required while accessing the customer portal or on extension installation can be disabled, but we recommend users to have it enabled, at least for Customer Portal. If users forget the Turk Guru password, they can reset it by entering the email ID used while purchasing the Stripe subscription. We take care of the passwords' security, but we would suggest you use a different password than the mturk password as we won't be responsible for any mishappenings with your mturk account.

Version 1.9.2 (01-21-2021)

Customer Portal: Users subscribed using Stripe can manage their subscriptions from a customer portal hosted by Stripe. To visit this portal, follow the below steps:-

  1. Activate the extension pop-up by pressing Alt+P on any mturk webpage. You can also activate the pop-up by clicking the puzzle icon in the same row as the address bar, followed by clicking the Turk Guru logo in the menu that appears.

  2. In the pop-up that appears, you will see a button with the text "Customer Portal". Click this button to view the customer portal in a new tab. This button is only visible to users subscribed using Stripe.

Bugfix: Removed bug that prevented users to search for HITs on their current PC/Browser/UserProfile when the user had the Turk Guru extension running at the same time in another PC/Browser/UserProfile in a logged-out state on

Version 1.9.0 (01-14-2021)

Improved batch catching: You can catch a specified number of HITs whenever a specific requester posts HIT in a new HIT group. This feature already existed, but some bugs have been fixed. We have also increased the limit from 10 to 25. Steps to using this feature are given below:-

  1. Right-click the requester's name/link on the HITs page/work page and hover the cursor to Turk Guru. You can view the GIFs shown in this article to see places where you can right-click.

  2. In the menu that appears, click "Update requester preferences".

  3. In the dialog that appears, select the desired number of HITs you want Turk Guru to catch in new HIT groups.

Current session reports: In the drawer, If you select "Current session details", you will see the reports for the current session. These reports will contain the number and amount of HITs accepted, returned, or submitted since they started chrome or since you restarted or installed the extension.

Improved Turk Guru console UI: In this update, we have moved the checkbox that decided whether to use requester based filters or not to the Requester settings card. Previously this checkbox was present under the HIT preferences card. We have also made sure that when this checkbox is unchecked, other settings that depend on this checkbox are disabled, giving a visual cue to the user that requester filters are now disabled. You can read more about how filters work in this article. To better understand this change, follow the below steps:-

  1. Click "Turk Guru console" on any mturk page.

  2. Under the "Requester settings" card, toggle the top-most checkbox. When you toggle, you will observe all the settings under it are also disabled/enabled. It conveys requester filters enable/disable as you toggle the top-most setting of the Requester settings card.

Version 1.8.9 (01-23-2020)

New HIT acceptance mode: Turk Guru now has a new catching mode that catches HITs based on the categories(e.g., survey, Annotation, game, Web scraping) selected. The purpose of adding this mode is to remove the dependency on keywords to catch HITs, as all users are not acquainted with which HITs contain what kind of keywords. This mode uses machine learning, so it is not always accurate. The accuracy will improve as we improve our model. Below are the steps to using it.

  1. Click the Turk Guru console button on any mturk page.

  2. In the dialog that appears under the "HIT preferences" card block, pick the HIT acceptance mode with the message "Accept tasks that match the HIT types chosen below." using the select option.

  3. In the same dialog, scroll until you find a card block with the title "HIT Types" In that card, select the type of HITs you wish to work on. Selected chips have a checkmark next to them.

  4. Click save and then click the "Start turking" header button to catch HITs based on the categories selected.

Keyboard Shortcuts:  Turk Guru now has keyboard shortcuts for actions that require multiple steps.

  • Toggle pop-up: You can now toggle the pop-up by pressing Alt+P on your keyboard. This pop-up contains your Turk Guru ID, which is needed while contacting the support team. Also, this pop-up shows your subscription status and all-time Turk Guru reports.

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